Sunday, September 18, 2011

I'M BACK!!!!!

So much has happened in the last three months where do I begin.  Jasmine turned 8, Jon turned 7, we spent many weekends at the lake and also took a  family vacation.  However, the biggest change was in Ken's health.  Last month it was decided that Ken had to get surgery to address some pretty serious medical needs.  His surgery near his spine was very scary and there was no guarantee that it would take away his pain but in the end  God was faithful.  The results were more than positive.  Now having said this, there have been many changes to our family routing.  The most significant change has been with Jasmine's education.   Jasmine started her first year of public school after five years at Visitation Academy.  She was enrolled at Viz for third grade but after careful though and consideration we knew that she had to leave.  This decision was based upon Ken's medical needs and my ability to accept the fact that I can not do it all.  Jasmine was given the option to attend another private school of her choice but she declined. She was tired of wearing the uniforms and confided in me that she wanted to get to know the kids in our neighborhood.  I was afraid but I am happy to report that things are great.  She is happy.   She enjoys being able to sleep in and has made a lot of new friends.

As far as this blog goes, I have to admit I was quite intimidated and unsure how to pick back up.  It has been over three months and in the midst of everything that was going on I actually forgot my password.  I decided that the best way to get back in the swing of things is to start from this moment on.  It would be way to much for me to go back and recap everything that has transpired.  I have facebook for that.  LOL. 

With all of these changes, I have decided that I do not want to do things out of obligation anymore.  I want to be a better steward and not waste the family finances.  My first step in that direction is school portraits.   I decided this year to just say no to the school portraits. Year after year I go back and forth about whether or not we need them.   I usually feel so guilty and end up buying them.  Once I get them, I am rarely satisfied.  Besides, they usually cost me about $100 per kid .  That is a lot of money considering they usually aren't the most flattering photos.  Since I have had some formal photography training over the last couple of years and the fact that  I own more than my share of camera equipment, I figured that I would give it a go myself.  Also, with Jon's diagnosis of autism and behaviors associated with it, very few people can even get him to sit still or smile for a photo.  I have been feeling like crap the last couple of days but I had been shooting for taking fall photos on one of the weekend days.  Yesterday, I saw the forecast and realized that it would rain all day today.  So I jetted outside in the front yard  and snapped a few pics of the kids.  Now mind you, I literally only had five minutes (and no I am not exaggerating) but so far, so good.    Not perfect but certainly a start.  I am posting some my favorites from the quickie photo shoot (the quickest one that I have ever had in my life).  I hope to finish the kids' fall photos when I take them to the pumpkin patch next month.

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