Friday, January 7, 2011

Mother and Daughter Craft Time

Jasmine and I spent the evening together doing arts and crafts. What started off as a simple project, ended up being so much more than what I expected. I had it in my mind that Jasmine would cut out a few hearts by hand and maybe use some double sided tape or even Elmer’s glue to adhere them to card stock. Boy was I wrong. Although Jasmine is only seven, she certainly has her own idea as to how she likes to do things. The older she gets, the more complicated her ideas become.   I guess I better get used to it.

For many years now I have made all homemade cards for friends and family. My friend Kris introduced me to Stamp It Up and scrapbooking about nine years ago. The small scapbooks that I make for people and homemade cards have been a hit over the years. Although many people love them, they are often very much time consuming and I have slowly been trying to get away from always making home made cards.

Anyway, I tried to entice Jasmine by asking her if I could by her some Jonas Brothers and Justin Beiber Valentines Day cards for her friends but she wasn't going for it.  "I want to make them mama so that my friends can feel special."  And the next statement was "Mama, can we use your crafts?"  Of course I didn't say no.  I agreed to give her fill reign of my craft supplies and to my surprise it did not take Jasmine long to get the gist of using my cricket. It was quite impressive! I must admit that I was quite apprehensive about allowing her to use expensive equipment, however she is showing me everyday but she's growing up and she's capable of doing many great things.   I figured after today I may as well call my craft room our craft room. 

Below are a few of the pictures from our mother/daughter craft night. It was great. And in the end making the cards was the right thing to do. In addition to saving money on buying the Valentines Day cards, we were also able to have some time to bond.  

Jasmine after I finally gave in and allowed her full access the the cricket.

I showed her once, and that was enough.  *smiles*

Using my stamp set the design the envelopes

All of her cards for her classmates.  None of them could be the same.  I think that they are darling.

Very proud of the end result.

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  1. Has it really been 9 years? Yikes! I still enjoy making my cards and scrapbooking, but admit that it's very very time consuming. Way to go Jasmine! The cards are so pretty.