Monday, January 24, 2011

Photo Junkies Class

The last year or so I have been going back and forth with the idea of taking a DSLR class. After my one “free class” at Schiller’s camera years ago, I have been turned off by the idea of attending the “free classes” offered at the area camera stores. Calling them sterile and blah is an understatement. I knew that it was time to try something new so that I could take my photography to the next level.  I just wasn't sure of where and how how I would find it.

For a while now I have wanted to get out of the comfort of taking photos in the automatic setting mode. Although it is safe, there are times where I feel that some of my photos could be much better, or enhanced if I were using the manual settings. Sometime in November I heard through the grapevine that the President of the Special School District Parental Advisory Council (I am currently a member of the council) was getting into the business of teaching  a DSLR course.  I was all over it and enrolled in my very first photo junkies class. My friend Donnell and her friend Heather co own the company the junkies. Both are moms and also amazing photographers. In between weddings, senior photo sessions and running their blog, I guess they somehow decided that it was time to start teaching classes. I am glad that they did.

When I showed up for class, I was impressed that Donnell and Heather stuck with limiting the class size. At registration, they promised that the class size would not exceed six students.  At a cost of $125 and two instructors, I feel as though I got more than what I paid for. Myself along with five other women were a part of the DSLR basics course. Although the title calls it the basics, it was much more than basic photography. This was a six hour smack down class covering all the basic aspects of digital photography. Six hours of aperture, ISO, shutter, histograms, highlights, color schemes, and other technical terms that I have not heard in years. In addition to this, we were also given numerous photography references/reference materials, as well as shown various photography accessories from stylish camera bags to lenses. The instructors were not intimidating at all and you didn’t feel like an idiot when asking questions. It was great.

Below are a few photos that were taken during the class, all of which were taken on manual settings (Oh yeah!) Of course I am a work in progress, but I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn. The instructors allowed us to branch out and try new things. I am slowly letting go of my safety net of using the big A on my Nikon and it feels good to branch out. If interested you can contact the or for more information about their courses. I highly recommend it.


The foyer in Heather's Home (using ISO). 

Learning to focus on a subject and fade out the background using aperture.

For some reason I felt a need to take photos of the art in the breakfast room.   The ISO portion of the class.

My friend Donnell, as I perfect shutter speed and ISO. 

The rest of the photo junkies on assignment

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful class. Whenever I get a DSLR I plan to take a class so I can learn how to use it. I'll have to keep this post in mind.