Monday, February 14, 2011

Introducing Gabrielle Jackson

Its not everyday that things seem to work out for teenagers who fall in love at a very young age.  I am  happy to say that I know of one success story.  My sister La Quita and her husband George started dating as teenagers.  Early on into their relationship my sister became pregnant with my niece Ericka and at that time of her birth they were also teenagers.  Despite the challenges of parenting young, they were able to preserve their family.   By keeping true to God's promises and protecting their family by keeping it first, they made it.  Almost twenty years later they are still together and very much in love.

For many years we have all teased my sister about having another child.  She almost always said no.  Sometimes even laughed in our faces. To her credit, she accepted responsibility when she had my niece at a young age and those early years were not easy.  As the years went on, the persistence of family and prayer, her heart began to soften. 

On Monday January 31, 2011, My sweet niece Gabrielle Jackson was born via C-section.  It was a long time coming.  It had been almost seventeen years since my niece Ericka was born.  The birthing process wasn't the easiest for my sister.  A C-section is surgery and is nothing to take lightly.  On Saturday February 12, we packed up as a family to visit sweet Gabrielle for the first time and boy is she a cutie.  Brings back memories of when mine were babies and I miss those days.  Below are a few photos that were taken that day.  I elected to take them in black and white because to me black and white photos are timeless. 

 Gabrielle and her maternal grandmother Mary


 Mom and Gabbi

My niece Renae and Gabbi


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  3. Forgive me for the posting errors, im new to this blogging site. :-(

    Your blog page is awesome sis! This is so very touching with journal piece you added to welcome Gabbi and what her journey was to get here! I couldnt have told this story any better! I'm tearing up and smiling all at once! The black and white photos are very nice! Love ya!

  4. Congrats to your sister on the birth of her daughter!