Sunday, February 27, 2011


I can honestly say that I am not a whiner.  I usually can bounce back.  But these days it seems like I am constantly on the go.  Now that we are taking care of four children, I can see how in many ways I had it a lot easier with two.  Make no mistake about it, I love that my niece and nephew are here but man am I tired.  In addition to the daily grind of work, cleaning and taking care of family, Jasmine had a scare this week.  While driving in the van, Jasmine complained of severe chest pain and so I immediately rushed her to the ER at Cardinal Glennon.  Quite frankly it was scary and she was not exaggerating.  She seems to be fine now, but we are following up with additional testing and an echo cardiogram.  I am sure that she is fine.  I am starting to learn to not be concerned about things that I have little control over.  I think that is one of my downfalls in life. 

So after a week of meetings on top of meetings,  attending a resource fair for summer options for Jon, attending a workshop after hours on augmentative communication, along with  Parent Teacher conference, being involved in a hit and run accident with Ken's Cadillac, ER visit with Jasmine (now mind you she fainted last week in school but that is another blog entry) and a computer failure, the week ended on a positive note.  Friday night, we attended the church's talent show as a family.  On Saturday, the girls were able to go to a very nice birthday party on Saturday.  One of Jasmine's classmates, Concetta turned eight years old.   Her parents threw her a very nice girlie bash as Sweet and Sassy Spa in West County Mall.   The girls were very excited about attending.  One of the best parts was that Concetta's mom invite Renae to come along, even though Renae does not go to school with them.  The party was a blast.  Turning eight is not what it used to be.  We had a wonderful time and it was what we all needed to top off a a stressful and exhausting week.

The Sweet and Sassy Limo

 Renae's up do!  With glitter!

The girls at Concetta's house before the take off. 

The group photo 

The birthday girl, Concetta!

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