Saturday, December 4, 2010

First Reconcilation

Since I was not raised Catholic, I was kind of casual with helping to prepare Jasmine for first reconciliation.  I understood what it meant to talk to the priest, but I did not place to much emphasis on it.  Most of the second grade girls were very afraid.  I figured my lack of knowledge would only make it worse.  It was a challenge to get Jasmine to come up with sins.  What was humorous was that many of the second graders had a hard time coming up with sins.  But I guess in the eyes of a seven year old that is a difficult task.  Jasmine and I talked about various sins.  She struggled with the proper one to talk to the priest about.  Some she felt were boring.  But in the end it all worked out OK.    Below are a few photos of the Jasmine at home the morning of First Reconciliation

Once we arrived to the school, I could see that Jasmine was not the only girl that was nervous.  Many of them were.  But they seemed to take comfort in relying on each other.  And once we arrived to the school, all was well.  Below are some portraits of the second grade class at the breakfast.

And lastly with the support of the teachers and the Head Of School Mrs. Rosalie Henry, all of the girls were just fine.  Below is Jasmine being photographed with Mrs. Henry.

Later in the evening, Jasmine, Aunt Karen and I went out to dinner.  We were actually looking at a possible place to host the rehearsal dinner for Tiffany and Mark's wedding in September.  Of course Jasmine made it all about herself.  And Vin de Set is quite the place.  Great dinner, great ambiance.  Great times.

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  1. ah..Congrats to Jasmine! I remember having to go through this and it is scary. Heck..I had trouble coming up with sins then and I do now too! hahaha! No comments on that Carla!