Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Very Merry Christmas Indeed

I have to say that this Christmas exceeded all of my expectations. It was absolutely more than I ever, ever could have expected. I had a wonderful time. Spending time with those around me was the best. It has been many years since I actually felt that I experienced what Christmas was all about. This year it was all about family.
Christmas morning at our house started off well. Jasmine woke up around 7am and asked, “Daddy, did Santa come last night?” It was sweet and innocent enough. She still believes in Santa’s generosity. The next question was, “Daddy, how many cookie crumbs did Santa leave?”
So after her concern for Santa’s cookie consumption, we allowed her to start opening her gifts. She had quite a few favorites from Santa and Mom and Dad. Her favs included: An American Girl Doll, I Touch, Webkinz, and New bedroom d├ęcor.

 And now the fun begins

Santa brought Lanie this year!

Ken watching his princess open gifts

After Jasmine opened her Christmas gifts, Jon was not too far behind her. He still does not grasp what Christmas is, but he had a good idea that there were things that he liked wrapped in paper and topped with pretty bows. Anyhow, Jon enjoyed simple gifts this year. It was a blessing for him to just be a part of it all.  Binkies, hot wheels and Disney figurines of his favorite characters were a hit.  
 Jon just happy to be here.

 Jon carefully inspecting his new hotwheels
After the maddness at our home, it was then time for us all to head off to my Mom and Dads. Of course at this point Jasmine was in Christmas gift mania mode. She was very excited to see what Grandma had got for her.  She kept commenting that it was taking "forever" to get to her Granny's house.  However once we arrived, it became all about the fun.  The singing, the dancing and the food.  It was all good.  Both kids enjoyed the casual nature of my parent’s Christmas celebration. It was awesome. Casual dress, eating at the Means' family buffet all day (my dad even barbequed) was certainly fun. My cousin Delores even came in from Florida and it was great to be able to see her.

But in the midst of all this, I would have to say the best part of the Means family Christmas was seeing my dad enjoy his gifts. This year, my mom got him a new sony camcorder and internet tablet/ereader. And it was awesome to see him truly amazed.  He was overwhelmed with his gifts and very grateful.
 Jasmine learning how to do the bump with my Mama

 Aunt Peggy, visiting from Manhattan

 Me with My Dad

Cousin Delores, visiting from Tampa, Florida 

Last but not least we went to visit my in-laws. We had a blast there too. This Christmas was a bit bittersweet.  There will be so many changes in the family next year that this may very well be the last time in a long time that we will all be together. Justin and Erin are expecting their first child, Mark and Tiffany are engaged, as is Lauren and Jeremy. Makes me feel old.

With all of Jasmine and Jon’s cousins on her paternal side being adults, they got a TON of Christmas gifts. I can say that they probably SHOULD NOT have been giuven so much for Christmas, but who am I kidding? I can not stop them. Both kids seemed to enjoy their gifts.  But Miss Jasmine thoroughly enjoyed her easy baker oven that Mark and Tiffany gave her, along with the razor scooter and solitaire earrings and necklace from her Grandma Phyllis and Grandpa George.  

 Jasmine hugging her Grandpa

Jon enjoying his new toy from his cousin Nicole 

Lots of beautiful presents from my Mother in Law

My father in law is always hilarious. We surprise him with another flat screen TV this year. Last year we all put in together and purchased one for my inlaws family room at their old house. Now that that they have moved, they need some different things for their new space. Anyhow, as a combination birthday and Christmas gift, my brother in law Dave picked out a great Samsung LED 32” television for their bedroom. It was a great surprise. I truly believed that we surprised him.  He kept repeating "oh no" as he was presented with the gift.  I told my father in law that he was the only person that said “Oh, no” when he gets his gifts. My father in law is a very generous person and he is always concerned about us saving money. And he is a good man. And I so enjoyed seeing him happy. Before the celebration was over, the men of the family all got the television up and going. And it was great.

My father in law and his new LED tv 

This was the best Christmas that I had in a very long time. It was not about the gifts.  It was all about family and togetherness.  There was tons of laughter. There were smiles on everyone's face.  Christmas 2010 was a lot of fun.  It was peaceful and I was happy.  It totally exceeded my expectations.

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  1. I'm so glad you had a great Christmas Carla! I know it should be about family, and I loved spending time with the nephews, but deep down I would have to say that I was super excited I got a Garmin for Christmas. lol! That really made my day. I've used it twice now and love how it records my runs.