Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Making Room for the Home Studio

Photography is my hobby.  Photography is my passion.  In many ways photography is my life.  I enjoy life.  I enjoy capturing moments.  I have been a serial snapshot taker since my kids were born.  Like I have said before, I rarely leave home without my camera.  You never know when you will need it or when it will come in handy.

After years of being obsessed with taking pictures of my kids and carrying around my camera like a third child, I have finally decided that I need to do something with my hobby.  My love for taking pictures is no secret to those closest to me, as I am usually the person who has no problems with taking photos of my friends for their Christmas cards.  I have also been known to take birth announcement photos as well.  And even in a moment of desperation I stepped in and photographed a small wedding.  Yea, I know that all sounds crazy considering I didn't get paid for any of it.  But I would have to say that I enjoy all of it.  I enjoy being trusted with special moments and milestones in people's lives. 

With Christmas fast approaching, many people have asked me what I needed.  I cant really think of anything that I need, nor can I really think of many things that I would want.  I live a simple life and there isn't much to me. 

After pondering for days what would be most useful for me, it all came back to photography.  There is always something that I would like to have but in the past has never been a priority.  Now that my baby is six, I am finally at a point where I do not feel as guilty about doing things for myself.  After talking it over with the dear husband, he has agreed to allow me to have a small home portrait studio.  Saying home portrait studio makes it sound fancy.   However, it probably is best described as a home portrait corner which happens to be in our game room.  Its nothing to brag about, but its mine and I will happily take what I can get. 

Picking up this photography hobby isn't exactly cheap.  So far I have invested in studio lighting, a few inexpensive backdrops, some diffusers, and a couple of props.  This is more than enough for me and it more than meets my needs.  My plan is to take photos of my kids in lieu of spending money by taking them to a portrait studio.  So at the end of the day I can save money and improve my technique.  Sounds like a win, win situation to me!

Below are a few pics that I took of the kids in our new home studio.  They are far from perfect.   I have some slight shadows on a couple of the images.  I also have to learn how to better prepare some of the backdrops by steaming them and securing them a little more tightly (Im not one for the wrinkled backdrop look) and increasing my light source, as a couple are under exposed.  But I am proud of myself.  It took a lot for me to branch out into uncharted territory .  I'd say it was a success.  It is is pretty darn cool to be a part of the memory making process.  My kids were happy and they felt like I was doing something special just for them.  Even little Jon had a blast rolling around on the backdrops.   And the best part of it all  was that I was able to get some my favorite poses developed for a whopping $2.  Below are a just few of my favorites from the shoot.


Jasmine in her Mrs. Claus pose. 

                                                                    Jasmine cheesing it up!

 When you need a prop, go grab something from under the tree. 

My handsome little guy!

                                    Jon absorbing all of the attention and loving it!                                                          

Jasmine wanted to pose and Jon wanted to play.  Guess who won?

After spending a couple of hours as the subject, Jasmine asked if she could "get on the Nikon."  I thought for sure that the dear husband would pass out and to be honest I am never a fan of allowing a seven year old to use expensive equipment.   At the end of the day, fairness won out and I let her shoot away.  Here is one of the pictures that she took of me.

Needless, to say we have been having a lot of fun around here.  There has been a lot of learning and a lot of goofing off  which equates to good times in the Bouckaert household.  As an added bonus, my mother in law,  gifted me tuition for a professional class taught by area photographer Donnell Probst.  That is something that I am truly looking forward to!!!


  1. OOO I would LOVE a home studio! For now, I have to drape the black sheet over the couch and if I have time then I photo shop the back smooth. Just ordered a new lens (literally a minute ago) to take my photography to the next level!

  2. Kayla, the drape is just fine! To me it is all about keeping it simple. Your photos are great. And you can get more as you need it.