Sunday, December 5, 2010

Parties, Parties and More Parties

Jasmine had her annual breakfast with Santa yesterday at Visitation.  It is always nice to do it the Viz way.  There is limited space which means that everyone has the chance to sit on Santa's lap.  No lines, no pressure, equals a very happy me.  Anyhow, it is also always nice to see the faculty and other students at the event.  Viz is small enough that everyone knows everyone .  So far this has been a good thing.

At this year's Breakfast with Santa I decided to try something new. Rather than go by myself, Grandma Phyllis and I took Jasmine.  I think it was nice that Grandma was finally able to meet a couple of Jasmine's classmates.   Margaux and Allison were the only other second graders that attended the the event this year.  I notice that interest seems to dwindle as the kids get older.  But the thee of them together was enough and the girls had a blast together. 

                                               Jasmine creating a Christmas Greeting Card

                                         Margaux, Allison and Jasmine before meeting Santa

                                                                    Jasmine and Santa

After Breakfast with Santa, Jasmine, Jon and I headed out to the AT and T corporate Christmas Party.  I was excited about the fact that the event was casual enough that I could bring Jon.  Due to the more casual environment, Jasmine had a wardrobe change.   I didn't mind it because it gives me the chance to encourage her to be less of a tomboy and more of a little lady.

I was also excited that I would be able to work with Lionel, a family friend who is a professional portrait photographer.  After hearing about my love of photography and desire to improve my technique, Lionel has agreed to mentor me and teach me the art of taking great photos.  Below are a few photos that Lionel allowed me to take using his equipment and backdrop.

 Jon is thinking...Oh no, not again.  I love it!

Jasmine telling Santa that she has been nice and letting him know all of the things that she would like for Christmas

My two goof balls.  They were so happy to see Santa.  I love the expression on their faces, only to look over at Santa and see his look of pure exhaustion. Poor Santa. :-)

Jon loving him some Santa this year.  What a blessing that he is able to be a part of it all!

After partying from sun up to sun down on Saturday, we all woke up to see a new day which was equally as busy.  First order of things was Sunday service.  Church was wonderful!  Knowing that I would be gone later in the evening, I took the kiddos out for a couple of hours to do a little Christmas shopping.  Christmas shopping this year has been much easier than in the past.  It is nice to be able to make a decision and move forth.  This year I promised myself that I would not obsess over trying to find the perfect gift for people.  Of course I will do the best I can, but no driving myself nuts.  So far so good. 

After and afternoon of shopping ,Jasmine and I pressed forth and went to our church's first annual Christmas party. The theme was joy to the world.  There were activities created for the children that represented countries throughout the world.  The appetizers were also multicultural themed.  The party was a hit and of course I managed to snap some photos to document the day. 

Jasmine ready to go in her new boots and  jacket from Old Navy.

                                                      The two of us after making crafts

                                        One of her many finished products from the day.

 Jas trying to break the pinata.  She didn't break the pinata but surely did her best.

Jasmine was smart enough to hit the floor when it was busted and ended up with a lot of loot.  Apparently they fill them with peanuts in Mexico. 

                                                   Jasmine with our friend Mr. Davis. 

So we survived three parties and other activities in two days.  Man am I tired.  But is was worth it and I am grateful to be tired.

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